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Consultant Nutritionist (Food and Pharma. Manufacturing) and Phytotherapist.
Facility Technical Manager Consultatiion.
Fungal Investigations – food manufacturing buildings, residential and commercial buildings.
Nutrition and Pytotherapeutic Product Evaluation (Food and Pharma).
Lead Food Auditor; Quality Assurance (ISO 22000 [HACCP], BRC, SQF, WQA, CFMSR, Chapter 3 of the Food Standards Code / Food Act).
Product Research and Development (Nutrition, Phytotherapy, Pharma. Manufacturing).
Project Management [Contract] (Food and Pharma. Manufacturing).
Q.A. Regulatory Advice (Food and Pharma. Manufacturing).
Trade and Government Relations Consultant (China, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Andean Nations (Colombia, Peru, Equador) and Nepal.

Wholesale Group International Pty. Ltd. owner of OxySorb

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