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Some very basic steps can be taken to prevent the corrosion of metal surfaces (i.e. shipping containers, gas pipes in storage) and also mould growth in organic matter (i.e. pharmaceuticals and food products), as well as .


Sources of moisture - possible solution

1. Control the moisture contact with the atmosphere - packaging

2. Control of moisture content with the inside of the packaging (i.e. avaliable water; Aw)- desiccant

3. Control the moisture released from hygroscopic substances (i.e. from food products 'sweating')- desiccant

4. Entrapped moisture - eg. inside water pump after factory testing - drying and desiccant


In sources 1. and 2. they are a function of relative humidity (RH%). This is ratio of water that can occupy the air relative to its saturation point. The higher the temperature the more the air can hold water, so to speak in layman's terms. When the temperature declines, air pressure decreases and moisture transforms from vapor to condensation (like rain after a summer day turns cold suddenly) and the moisture appears. This available water so to speak can cause corrosion of metals (with oxygen) and also mildew/ mould in food products (also with oxygen).



To judge what size silica you need, you need to calculate a few factors including packaging dimensions and mass of product etc. Please email us for this calculation.


Also the packaging specifications of your barrier film or container are very important. We are scientific consultants and can provide complementary packaging appraisals to all of our customers. The calculations are complex and we have written a specialized program for your location, weather and also material you wish to store.


Silica Gel and Clay Desiccant

Silica Gel and Clay Desiccant adsorb moisture in food, pharmaceutical and other goods (eg., clothing, shoes, electronics). Moisture and there associated effects (mould, rust and disease) can seriously diminish your product's integrity, quality and possibly the consumer. Silica Gel Desiccant is available in porous, granular, and amorphous form. The internal structure of Silica Gel Desiccant is composed of a vast network of interconnected microscopic pores, which attract and hold water, alcohol, hydrocarbons, and other chemicals, by the phenomena known as physical adsorption and capillary condensation.

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