What is Nuclear Magnetic Resonance?

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is the capability that magnetic nuclei have when in a magnetic field. When there are applied electromagnetic pulse or pulses (EM), the nuclei is caused to absorb energy from the EM pulse. This absorbed energy is then radiated out away from the nuclei at a specific resonance frequency which depends on the strength of the magnetic field and other factors Read More Here



What is electron spin theory?

Please read the attached article published in Science - Journal

Pipe corrosion of steel pipes is a major problem. The corrosion mechanism is well understood, and is one of the reasons why PVC 'plastic' pipe for water pipes were developed. There is also H2S, caustic (NaOH), chlorine and CO2 corrosion of pipes. This document only covers water corrosion of iron pipes. What is often thought to be corrosion resistant, polyethylene, PVC or resin based pipes posses even more problems (i.e. cracking, temperature inhibitions of application etc.). They have their unique place, but not for the repair and regeneration of heavy duty steel or copper water pipes for boilers/ heating systems etc.

Corrosion is common at pipe fittings, copper pipes, as well as in drainage pipe, pipes under pressure, especially where existing pipe leaks occur. Stainless steel or galvanized pipe is often used to slow corrosion, but no accurate pipe repair kit exists, until now... There is a need for high quality pipe repair products. When pipe corrosion occurs, pipe repair is necessary. Some people turn to concrete or HDPE pipes, carbon steel, pipe re-lining, but given location, amount of pipes to replace (i.e. power station, underground pipe) it is more useful to re-generate the pipe. Another factor is water temperature used (boiling or steam) and thus corrosion temperature also plays a part.

Thus, NMR is the natural solution, re-generate not detonate your piping system!

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Water Pipe Anti-corrosion Equipment
NMR Pipetector
Patented in E.U., U.S.A. and Japan

  • No need to stop water

  • Maintenance free

  • No running cost

  • Safe and pollution free

Water Pipe Anti-Scaling Equipment
Patented in E.U., U.S.A. and Japan
  • Stop scaling in boiler pipes

  • Reduce energy costs

  • Increase the life of boiler equipment

  • Maintenance free

Water Pipe Anti-Legionella Equipment
Legionella Terminator
  • Rid cooling towers of Legionella

  • Maintenance free

Patented in Japan

Anti-Corrosion Device for water pipe NMR PIPETCTOR
Anti-Scale Device for water pipe NON SCALOR
Anti-Legionella Device for water pipe LEGIONELLA TERMINATOR
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