Fruit, Vegetable Seed, Herbal Extracts and Saffron

What are Fruit, Vegetable and Herbal Extracts?

Herbal Extracts and Phytotherapy Herbal medicine (also; herbal medicine, herbology) is the rudimentary medical practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts, which may also include fungus or other organisms. Pharmacognosy is the study of medicines derived from natural sources. This is similar to Pharmacy, or Pharmaceutical products which are synthetically engineered medicines as used in pharmaceutical manufacturing (mainly to isolate a particular compound used of a patent). You cannot patent nature, or naturally occurring compounds, they belong to mankind. Phytotherapy seeks to treat disease with naturally occurring compounds found throughout the plant world using modern medicine and scientific rigour. Phytotherapy is a modern, scientific, evidence based form of medicine using the herbal extracts and monomer compounds used in traditional systems such as Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) for treatment in clinical medicine. In their own right, these traditional systems are very effective and powerful in their treatment methods, but are based on different diagnosis and treatment methods.

Many plants are used as medicines and also in cooking and food such as garlic, parsley, green tea and citrus fruit seeds. We are just beginning to realize that the active constituents in the plant extracts work in synergy to produce an outcome such as anti-bacterial/ anti-fungal behaviour. So, plant/ herbal extracts are beginning to be seen in food manufacturing field as 'natural' methods of extending the shelf-life of food and also protecting the consumers health. Further, there is a growing area of research in food technology known as Functional Foods. Functional food are food or food compounds which when added to a food product can yield a new food product with enhanced or new health function (eg. disease prevention such as adding green tea extract to biscuits to increase lipolysis (lipid breaking reaction) to offset any fats in the biscuits). Another example is fermented foods with live cultures have a probiotic benefit (eg. adding sourdough or yogurt to other foods such as muesli or breads).

For a summary list of herbs which may be used as medicinal plants please click here and function foods click here In Australia, the application of herbal medicines by Herbal Medicine Doctors (Phytotherapists) and Naturopaths is governed by the well-respected NHAA (National Herbalist Association of Australia); and ANTA (Australian Natural Therapies Association), Homeopaths and Chinese medicine herbalists are also govern through the ANTA and their respective bodies.

Total Scientific Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wholesale Group International is a specialist in the supply and consultation of the use of herbal, fruit and vegetable extracts in food manufacturing. In turn the changing of food manufacturing practices will address nutritional epidemiology such as disease epidemics as obesity, diabetes type II in the west and also available protein from plant sources and calorie restriction in third-world and developing nations. Please contact us for obligation-free consultation for your food or pharmaceutical product today!

What are the advantages?

Natural, and safe method of lowering food spoilage organisms while maintaining the 'no additives or preservatives' image of your company.

The Obvious Question - how do we differ?

All material is extracted at an ISO9001 facility with food safety control and certificate of analysis to test for purity. We analyse all extracts for their active constituents (monomers), their concentrations and also the presence of harmful heavy metals, and pathogenic micro-organisms and also pesticides/ herbicides.


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